Pilates, YoPi, TRX,  and Massage
Create a Longer Leaner You

Fishers/Geist Location

$35 two week unlimited classes
A 30 minute complementary Massage when booked during those two weeks.
Feel free to add $30 mins to this for $30

Lean & Beautiful  IV Infusion
* raises metaboliom
* promotes youthful appearance 
* Fat burning
* Nourishes nails, hair, skin
* Anti-Aging

May 4 11:15am to 12
May 5 10:15 to 1 
Sign up online through JBP mindbody
$125 and it takes about 30 minutes. 

We are also offering B12 shots for $20 to help boost energy, metabolism, improve sleep, and more! 

For any questions about IV bags or B12 shots Call
Matt 317-361-5802

What our clients say:

"I need Pilates in my life" Kate Sanders

"I have done the Insanity workouts and P90X and they do not give a total body workout like Leah's Just Breathe Pilates workout routines!!! Leah you are absolutely wonderful" Louise Jackson

"I have been one of Leah's clients for almost nine years and still get a great workout with every session! Every class is different, her studio is great, the music keeps you moving, and I've made some dear friends in the process" Megan McCarthy